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Imbros Gorge 0883

Imbros Gorge 0883

Imbros Gorge.

Located on the Greek Island of Crete. Imbros Gorge  is an 11 km long canyon located near Hora Sfakion on the southern side of Crete, its narrowest part is 1.60 m and it ends at the village of Kommitades. The Imbros Gorge mule trail was the only connection between Chania and Hora Sfakion before the road was built. Remains of this trail can still be seen. The gorge witnessed an evacuation of several thousands of British Soldiers during World War II before heading to Egypt.

This is a limited edition of 5 offered as either a print, on archival quality paper, or on canvas. Prints are dispatched unmounted and rolled in a shipping tube.Prices include shipping by DHL


  • Additional information

    • Sizes may vary by a small amount subject to dimensions of the original image.
    • Caring for your photograph.
    • Avoid displaying your photograph in direct sunlight or hanging the print or canvas in a damp or outside environment.
    • Cleaning. Use a clean micro fibre cloth. Do not use any cleaning agents or chemicals on the surface of the print.
  • Framing and Mounting

    • Sizes shown are for the actual print size not the overall frame size.
    • Subject to size of original print the overall frame size will vary up to an additional 20cm in each direction.
    • Cost of framing includes additional cost of packaging and shipping.
    • For more information on framing and mounting cost please contact us for a price and availability.
    • When contacting us please tell us the print and size you are interested in and if it is to be canvas or print.
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